The Eternal Dance of the Celestial Canon of Tiers
Meditation on a divine confession

As I turned the prism to my view, the rhysmon slowly fractured thus beginning the aetheric journey of the cosmos. As I gazed upon what I had done I began to weep. As the droplets trickled from my cheek into the vast void, they began creating universe upon universe, galaxy upon galaxy, world upon world. I knew all I could do was to be and subsume the eternal dance of the celestial canon of tiers

(Excerpt: be patient, it begins softly)

The Eternal Dance of the Celestial Canon of Tiers is a new work in the realm of electro-acoustic “moment music” by composer R. Kent Jones. This latest realization employs four computer operators encircling the audience with speakers, each triggering sound samples at predetermined intervals, and each exciting a set of wind chimes at indeterminate intervals. The piece is a series of peculiar mensural canons based on a chaconne (the thematic texture or material) which itself is a mensural canon. These canons are then layered atop a sustained drone based on what some believe to be the possible resonant frequency of the aether. This fundamental frequency is known as the Ryhsmonic (aetheric) frequency f* (Rhysmonic Cosmology ©1985, by Gregory Hodowanec) which is equal to 1/T* or 1/5.391 x 10-44 sec. which is about 1.855 x 1043 Hz. In musical terms the frequency is a little bit sharp of the current Bb two octaves and a minor seventh above middle C. Interaction with this fundamental frequency under resonance conditions is purported to result in an exchange of energy.

In his introduction to Rhysmonic Cosmology, Hodowanec writes “Early man, as the more rational and inquisitive member of the species inhabiting Earth in his time, has always been interested in his own origins, and also that of the other creatures and objects which surrounded him. While he also respected the power of the sun which provided him with light and warmth during the day, he was especially awed by the night view of the heavens, which were exceptionally brilliant as light pollution was very minimal in his time. Therefore, to satisfy his innate desire to know "why", early man developed explanations for these objectivities and phenomena which were further developed by successive generations as folk lore and eventually became the basis for various established religions. These may be considered the very beginnings of cosmology; therefore, cosmology is as old as man himself.”

In the spirit of Hodowanec’s work, The Eternal Dance of the Celestial Canon of Tiers is an aural allegory of a possible creation theory based on a putative folkloric meditation on a divine confession in the dominion of rhysmonic cosmology.

R. Kent Jones

August 2005